Henan Luoyang city planning: human trace "temperature"

"Feeling through to the ancient times, the charm of soul a vent." From the door into the old city of Luoyang Regency historical and cultural blocks, antique banner visitors Yang Yan surprise.

CITIC Heavy in front of the small garden, Wang Haotian recently retired workers [details]

Luoyang historical and cultural blocks: originality of slow build retain nostalgia

Banners, antique, snack shops, grocery stores row upon row of cries, cries as one falls, another rises. Walking in the old city of Luoyang cross street, ancient in the infiltration of the flourishing.

However, the distance around the cross street but hundreds of meters, dilapidated houses, collapsed houses, out of order Sidaluanjian, brought to the ancient city was hidden. [details]

Luoyang root and Dragons

Carving artist Li Puyi: "the confusion of the world" cut out the old feelings

"In the past, pure hand carved Chapter carved in wood, now with the computer, a variety of materials, it is advanced." The old city of Luoyang cross street, said Chapter carved artist Li Puyi side, while skillfully flying knife, just ten minutes, a fine seal is completed.

Li Puyi's engraving shop, caught in the cross street new shops, very humble. "The two sides engraved chapter old banners and signs flapping in the wind, a piece of" scars "on the table filled with seal material, red, white and transparent; wood, stone, plastic, Li Puyi sat in the back, with attention to the hands of the knife.

"I lived in Luoyang for 55 years, the store opened for 20 years, and the facade signs have not changed. The past with wood and manual typesetting to do business is quite good, there is a computer typesetting, the scope of our service is more and more narrow " [details]

The old city of Luoyang city in 2017 the livelihood expenditure accounted for nearly 80%

Recently, the old city of finance data released in 2017, which for the people's livelihood expenditure amounted to 835 million yuan, accounting for the region's public budget expenditures accounted for nearly 80%, higher than the Luoyang city average of 2.2 percentage points.
Although the old city's pocketbook is not rich, but will tilt the fiscal expenditure to the municipal road network construction, infrastructure facilities, air pollution control, low-income housing construction, culture and education and health and other livelihood areas of concern, put money in people's hearts. According to statistics, the annual expenditure of 122 million 450 thousand yuan for education and culture; social security and employment expenditure 101 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 19.4%; health care expenditure 101 million 440 thousand yuan, an increase of 55.9%; total allocated special funds for affordable housing projects 615 million yuan...... Digital, the project of the old city is steadily [details]

Ten in the spring, I in "Luo Yi City" wait for you

Used to see Luoyang in April described the old familiar brilliant purples and reds, the poem, in the new exchange, was somewhat subtle nostalgia coming.
For a long time, could not help the morning reading Luo Yi good poem, the site of the thinking of the ancients "melancholy.
Today's "Luo Yi City", with the ancient city of Luoyang Wenfeng tower as the core signs, including Wenfeng tower, Henan Fu Confucious'temple, tall house of the spirit, four wells, Jinyuan ancient city wall ruins and many other historical buildings protection.
These old ruins site is Luoyang for having heard it many times, today's Luoyang Luoyang once bustling atmosphere to recover heavy ink. [details]

  •  The city of Luoyang night market The city of Luoyang night market

Luoyang city impression