Wang Guosheng in Pingdingshan research: insist on innovation driven development to promote transformation and win help rural revitalization of poverty alleviation


In from October 7th to 8th, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to Pingdingshan research, transformation and development of poverty alleviation, Rural Revitalization work. He stressed that the socialist ideological China characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide, in-depth practice the new concept of development, accelerate industrial upgrading driven by innovation, the effectiveness of poverty alleviation to boost rural revitalization, realizing the transformation of resource-based city development, and make greater contributions to the central plains more color.

What in Pingdingshan Coal Group nylon technology company, wangguosheng understand Chinese city planning and development of nylon nylon industry, of Pingdingshan Coal Group to build a high technical content, obvious characteristics of the circular economy of the coal chemical industry chain Jinilong affirmed, encourage enterprises to accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure optimization, further shaping the development of new advantages. In the high level group, Wang Guosheng and the research of high-voltage electrical appliances responsible comrades in-depth exchanges, stressed the need to aim at the world advanced technology [details]

  •  The door hanging The door hanging "family members" sign

Pingdingshan 56 thousand rural Party door "bright identity" contributions


7 17 April, in Baofeng County Daying Town Temple Village, several villagers are members of Liu Guohe family out of poverty by talking. Liu Guohe is a young Party member, is also a Ru refining expert. "Show your membership at home, is the party and all my trust, it is to monitor. I will use their information and technology, a force for tackling poverty home."

Since this year, Pingdingshan city for 56 thousand rural unemployed members post duty, with age, professional characteristics, technology leading, conflict mediation and other public service jobs, to carry out rural Party members "listing bright identity" activities, stimulate the party to promote the demonstration leading role in the development of poverty alleviation, enhance the vitality of grassroots party organizations and the team of Party members. [details]

  •  The formation of agricultural science and technology service. The formation of agricultural science and technology service.

Pingdingshan party play "sheep effect" to stimulate endogenous power of people out of poverty


56 thousand rural Party door "bright identity"; set up the agricultural science and technology service group, led the "expert" "Tian scholar", to carry out agricultural consultation service for more than 900 times, solve the technical problems of 551, to promote all kinds of new technology 119; based on the planting and breeding of 27 industries, the establishment of 1256 industrial organization of the party, let the Party branch in the industry chain, the party gathered in the industrial chain, rich farmers in the industrial chain, to help poor households out of poverty in 12665 households in 120 poor villages; set up cooperatives, seed funds 60 million yuan, benefiting 13 thousand poor households, more than 5000 cases mediate disputes...... Through the Pingdingshan City, the first half of 2018 long "report card", see is a branch of the team members helping lead the demonstration, a mass of passive to active helping poverty inner transformation. The first half of 2018, Pingdingshan continued to partybuilding and promoting poverty alleviation task as the central task, play party "sheep effect" [details]

  •  Pingdingshan environmental monitoring using drones to find sources of pollution Pingdingshan environmental monitoring using drones to find sources of pollution

Pingdingshan environmental monitoring using drones to find sources of pollution


In July 17th, urban and rural integration demonstration area of Jing Ying Village in Pingdingshan, a black UAV successfully launched in the environmental monitoring personnel control, monitoring for pollution source, which is designed for environmental monitoring of pollution sources to find the custom models, first put into use in Henan province.

For a long time, the atmosphere of governance is a long-standing problem, due to gas diffusion, easy pollution of air pollution source and pollution source location is complicated, difficult, and regulatory barriers still exist. At the same time, air pollution causes complex, is not only illegal factory emissions, including waste incineration, vehicle exhaust, dust pollution and other factors. Pingdingshan rural integration demonstration area selected 3 can cover throughout the fixed aerial monitoring points in the area, through the operation of single aerial drones, 1 hours can be area of all the straw burning garbage, boiler black smoke, construction dust [details]