Wang Guosheng research in Pingdingshan: adhere to innovation driven, promote transformation and development, win the fight against poverty and help rural revitalization


On from October 7th to 8th, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, went to Pingdingshan to study transformation, development, poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization. He stressed that Xi Jinping should take the socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, thoroughly practice the new development concept, accelerate the industrial upgrading with innovation drive, boost the revitalization of the countryside with the effectiveness of tackling poverty, and achieve the transformation and development of resource-based cities, and make greater contributions to the central Plains.

In the nylon technology company of Pingmei Shenma Group, Wang Guosheng understands the planning of nylon city and the development of nylon industry in China. It affirms the coal based nylon chemical industry chain with high technology content and obvious characteristics of circular economy. It encourages enterprises to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and further develop new advantages. In Ping Gao group, Wang Guosheng and high-voltage electrical research institute responsible comrades in-depth exchanges, stressed that we should aim at the world's leading edge technology. [details]

  •  Hanging Hanging "Party member household" sign at the door

Pingdingshan 56 thousand rural Party members doorway "bright identity" than contribution


In July 17th, in the Qing Liang Si Village, Daying Town, Baofeng County, several villagers were talking about getting rid of poverty and becoming rich through Liu Guohe's family. Liu Guohe is a young Party member. He is also a master of Ru porcelain refining. It is the trust and supervision of the party and everybody that we display our party membership at the door. I will make use of my own information and technology advantages to help my hometown to tackle poverty.

Since the beginning of this year, Pingdingshan has set up posts and posts for 56 thousand rural non party members. Combined with the characteristics of age and employment, it has set up various public welfare posts such as scientific and technological guidance and contradictory mediation, so as to carry out activities of "listing identity" among rural Party members, stimulate the demonstration and leading role of Party members in promoting the development of poverty alleviation, and enhance the vitality and vitality of grass-roots party organizations and Party members. [details]

  •  Set up agricultural science and technology service group Set up agricultural science and technology service group

Pingdingshan plays the role of "head sheep effect" in building the party to stimulate the internal driving force of the masses to shake off poverty


56 thousand rural Party members at the door of "bright identity"; set up agricultural science and technology service group, led the "soil experts" "Tian Shu Cai" to carry out agricultural services consultation more than 900 times, to solve 551 technical problems, to promote all kinds of new technologies 119, based on planting, breeding and other 27 industries, to establish 1256 industrial party organizations, to build the Party branch in the industrial chain, Party members to gather in the industrial chain, farmers to be rich in the industrial chain, to help poor families out of poverty 12665 households; to set up mutual aid agencies in 120 poor villages, seed capital of 60 million yuan, to benefit poor households 13 thousand households, mediation disputes and disputes from more than 60 million. Through the long "transcript" of the first half of 2018 in Pingdingshan, we saw a demonstration leading by a helping Party of Party members, and the masses were passively helping to transform themselves into active poverty alleviation. In the first half of 2018, Pingdingshan continued to focus on Party building and tackling poverty alleviation as a central task, giving full play to the "head sheep effect" of Party building. [details]

  •  Pingdingshan uses UAV monitoring environment to find pollution sources Pingdingshan uses UAV monitoring environment to find pollution sources

Pingdingshan uses UAV monitoring environment to find pollution sources


In July 17th, a black UAV was successfully launched under the control of environmental monitoring personnel in the village of Jing Ying Village in the urban and rural integration demonstration area of Pingdingshan. It monitors and searches for pollution sources. This is a customized model specially designed for pollution sources of environmental monitoring. It was put into use in Henan Province for the first time.

For a long time, air pollution control is a big problem. Because of the easy diffusion of pollution gases, the complexity of air pollution sources and the difficulty of locating pollution sources, there are always obstacles in supervision. At the same time, the causes of air pollution are complex. They are not only illegal emissions of factories, but also many factors such as garbage incineration, automobile exhaust and dust pollution. The Pingdingshan urban and rural integration demonstration area has selected 3 fixed aerial surveillance points that can cover the whole territory in the jurisdiction area. Through the single person operation of aerial drone, it can take all burning straw waste, boiler black smoke and construction dust in the area within 1 hours. [details]