Henan: fog caused the attention of four more than 20 speed control of fog.


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Original title: yesterday Henan more than 20 high-speed traffic control

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From the beginning of November 12th morning, Henan appears more fog, fog by influence, our province highway traffic affected, yesterday morning, our province have more than 20 high-speed control.

The fog caused by more than 20 speed control

Meteorological station of Henan province in November 12th 4 when the 05 release fog: Western Orange signal warning North Puyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Shangqiu, Xuchang, Luohe, Pingdingshan, Nanyang, Zhumadian ten regions and Luoyang, Xinyang two, Zhengzhou, Zhoukou City area and three area, will appear in the fog visibility less than 200 meters, or has occurred the visibility is less than 200 meters, 50 meters lower than the local fog and will continue.


Yesterday, Mr. Zhang went to Puyang from Zhengzhou, line up to wait for 1 hours only in high-speed export. As the sun rises, improve visibility, high speed station is still not released, why so many high-speed still control?

The Provincial Public Security Bureau high-speed traffic police corps relevant responsible person said, Henan is located in the Central Plains, the air relative humidity in autumn and winter, Ji Wutian more, fog fog prone. Sometimes the highway toll station good visibility, but a few kilometers ahead, may be a heavy fog, visibility is very low. And the highway closed, the whole highway, often tens of kilometers will have an outlet, in order to ensure the safety of high-speed traffic police in the fog zone in front of toll station or farther from the traffic control measures.

According to the reporter, to noon, traffic control has been basically removed.

Foggy day, pay attention to the following four points

1. slow down. Enter the fog area must keep cool. In the distance and lane change conditions under the premise of meet, deceleration into the right lane, the nearest exit slow speed or to enter the service area to take shelter. The visibility is less than 200 meters more than 100 meters, the speed of not more than 60 kilometers, when visibility is less than 100 meters more than 50 meters, speed of not more than 40 kilometers.

2. do not jicha. Suddenly into the fog area, a lot of people aware of the reaction is a kick jicha. However, this can lead to continuous collision. If you can not leave the highway, should choose the emergency parking parking, parking immediately after the need to open the double flash, the rear of the vehicle to prompt attention. Will the three tripod warning signs placed in the car direction to 150 meters, workers quickly evacuated to the fence outside, to prevent the occurrence of accident.

3. use the lights. Enter the fog area, to open the headlights, fog lights, contour lights, when necessary even turn on the hazard lights. Note that, do not use the high beam headlights, in the fog will cause the scattering, the driver in front of a white, very dangerous.

4. as soon as possible to exit the highway. Encountered fog on the highway, while taking to go slowly, once the export or service area, to enter or exit the highway service area.

(commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Song Fangxin)

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