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Original title: Jin Yong funeral held many readers in Hong Kong condolence Tribute

Xinhua news agency, Hongkong, November 12 Xinhua (reporter Ding Ziyi) the famous writer Jin Yong died in Hongkong on October 30th, at the age of 94. His funeral was held at the Hongkong funeral home 12 days. For the convenience of the public to Jin Yong for the final goodbye, Hongkong Culture Museum "Jin Yong hall" in 12 to 30 days is 12 day condolence books, there are hundreds of readers and people went to salute the memory.

On the same day, is located in the North Point of Hongkong funeral home Jin Yong's private funeral, the funeral. According to Jin Yong's will, in a private funeral held a memorial. Outside the funeral home filled parties from mourning wreaths and flowers, Jin Yong's friend, director Xu Anhua Zhang Jizhong, chairman of Alibaba Jack Ma were present for its off.

According to the funeral home staff, mourning hall in white, filled with flowers on both sides. The picture of Jin Yong was covered with white flowers and the periphery was a brick shaped, a list of all the board placed on both sides of the picture above, elegiac couplet says: "the white snow was badly shot, Monday god man leaning Bi yuan".

In the "Jin Yong Museum" is located in Sha Tin Hongkong Culture Museum, the museum erected elaborate pieces of Jin Yong's portrait. On that day, many people gathered in these portraits, pictures.

"Jin Yong's book to accompany me to grow up, in the last century 80 TV hit drama Jin Yong, the estates have heard the same drama theme song melody." Mr. Yao said a bit sad.

Mr. Yao had to leave one day by day, Kowloon to Sha Tin, Jin Yong finally sent a lift. Condolence public open time is 4 pm to 6 when he came to the hall outside the queue at 1:30. With him, there are a lot of Hongkong, the mainland and overseas "Jin Yong fans".

3 pm, more than 100 people lined up in the "Jin Yong hall" waiting outside the entrance, there are still many readers come gradually, more and more long team. 4 pm, the team has been along the Hongkong cultural museum around the periphery half circle.

"Jin Yong is my hometown, although we have not met, but I think he is our good teachers and helpful friends. He showed in the novels of chivalry, filial piety, integrity, always guide me to behave." From Zhejiang city of Haining province Wang Lizhong told reporters.

The Wang Lizhong specially came from Zhejiang, and a collection of newspapers, photos showing Jin Yong six times to Haining. In 2015, Wang Lizhong in Haining has set up a "global Jin Yong fan concert", repeatedly called the world's "Jin Yongmi" to the Haining party, carry forward the chivalrous spirit of Mr. Jin Yong.

From the Malaysia trip to Hong Kong, 80 year old Jin Yong fans in Mr. Luo Culture Museum Bookstore bought him the love two of Jin Yong's Novels "and" The legend of Condor Hero "the deer", want to back to Malaysia for a permanent memorial. "Jin Yong's works depict martial arts classic characters popular, Jin Yong is a very rare martial arts novels, I miss him."

4, condolence and open to the public. Condolence background is a huge poster above, with Jin Yong 12 in the title, below for a number of classic characters. There is a row of the table covered with white background in front, placed on the desk with white flowers, and the three photo book. Orderly people under the guidance of the staff, the message of condolence.

In the departure, everyone can get a book, the cover is gray, a letter to "see down free" six characters, and printed with Jin Yong's signature. The album consists of 27 pages, with Jin Yong's life, the different novel gold words, and he and his family's daily life photos, manuscripts and other novels.

Condolence is "behind his museum" at the entrance, the day of the exhibition hall is still crowded. The permanent exhibition hall by more than 300 groups of exhibits introduced influence of Jin Yong's early career, martial arts novels and novels on the history of the popular culture of Hongkong, also includes many interactive exhibits, such as the classic Jin Yong film, TV series and theme selections, helps people to understand the historical and cultural connotation of the works of Jin Yong.

"Jin Yong hall" in the message wall by readers left with many readers on the sticker, write a wish of mourning: "you make me young addicted to dodge, you will always live in my heart" and "Hangxiazhangyi arena, Chinese general Jin Yong" Chinese martial arts "golden secrets, love everybody admire"......

Because the message number, and message wall space is limited, some locations covered with several layers of stickers. People love for Jin Yong regardless of age, regardless of region. From the point of view of handwriting, some young, some mature; someone with a simplified, some people use traditional.

Jin Yong was in "the Jin Yong Museum" said: "I'm all for Hongkong, I appreciate Hongkong, slowly also regarded Hongkong as my second hometown. I cherish the wonderful time here, willing to take care of her, she returns to the best of my ability." Now many Jin Yong fans here stop, Jin Yong condolences.

(commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Song Fangxin)

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