Mouth ulcer may be appropriate to add vitamin B2

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Original title: mouth ulcer may be appropriate to add vitamin B2

In daily life, many people will add vitamin supplements, that there is no need? Eat more harmful? Professional pharmacists pointed out that for normal people, no matter what kind of vitamin, can be obtained through a balanced diet, supplements do not need in daily life. Moreover, water-soluble vitamins and fat soluble two, which can be a lot of storage in the body, excessive intake can lead to poisoning. Therefore, whether there should be additional, taking the medicinal vitamin or health comprehensive vitamin, should be prescribed by.

Mouth ulcer may be appropriate intake of vitamin B2

When the body lacks certain vitamins, often have the corresponding symptoms. Lack of vitamin B2 often appear mucocutaneous inflammation, such as oral ulcer. Therefore, some people will buy their own oral ulcer several dollars medicinal vitamin B2 to improve symptoms.

The six Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Li Xiaoyan, director of the pharmaceutical department, vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin, it is involved in the growth and regeneration of skin and mucosa cells. If the lack of easily lead to angular cheilitis, cheilosis, scrotal inflammation, conjunctivitis, seborrheic dermatitis and other inflammation. In the clinic, if the patients from the clinical judgment is likely to lack this kind of vitamin, can increase vitamin B2 in the treatment of oral ulcer in medicine. Because this kind of vitamins are water-soluble and can be excreted in the urine, so the general purchase take small problem. But after all, is a vitamin medicinal drugs, or should be used as directed.

Vitamin B2

Mainly applicable to skin inflammation, migraine

Li Xiaoyan introduced, some popular posts tend to exaggerate the role of vitamin B2, even think it resulted in the absence of tumor, polyp and other diseases, there is no scientific basis for such a causal relationship.

Li Xiaoyan said, vitamin B2 has two main indications:

One is the skin and mucous membrane inflammation, such as common oral ulcer, scrotal inflammation, reproductive organ inflammation, seborrheic dermatitis and other inflammation. Vitamin B2 can also affect the eyes, long-term intake, eyes will have an eyelid redness, etc..

The second category is the treatment of migraine. Clinical treatment of migraine is more complex, according to medical research and clinical practice, for migraine sufferers, vitamin B2 and magnesium is a safe and effective way. The use of vitamin B2 for prevention and treatment of migraine treatment, the drug should be mastered in general about 400 milligrams or more. Within a month of only several times in migraine patients with moderate effect is the best, most need to use more than 3 months.

"Vitamin B2 should be prescribed to use, do not overdose, otherwise it will break the balance of the structure of vitamin." Li Xiaoyan stressed.

Medical and health care products Vitamin vitamin mix should be how to choose? Li Xiaoyan introduction, the main medical vitamin for disease treatment, health care products rarely comprehensive Vitamin vitamin B2 content, effect is not obvious, mainly is additional daily. It is worth noting that, if the medicine, should pay attention to the choice of formal pharmaceutical companies.

The best way:

A balanced diet, the right way of cooking

The expert again, normal diet contains vitamins needed by human body, does not need to add additional. For example, vitamin B2 is found in animal liver, kidney, heart, egg yolk and milk, a variety of fresh vegetables, beans, beans and other beans, brown rice, is also an important source of rough surface, the daily intake of meat, eggs, can be milk, Vegetable & Fruit and other food, eating not too delicate, long-term eating rice will reduce the intake of vitamin B2.

Due to the biological stability of vitamin B2 is relatively poor, so need to pay attention to the way of cooking. It is stable to heat, in acidic solution is heated to 100 DEG C can still be saved in alkaline solution quickly destroyed. The higher the temperature, the heating time is longer, the higher the pH value, the greater the loss.

Therefore, usually when cooking, if the rice washing over or eat milk baby repeatedly boiling, easily lead to the loss of water soluble vitamins riboflavin. Riboflavin in the alkaline environment, easy damage, such as cooking to keep vegetable green with sodium bicarbonate, can destroy the biological activity of riboflavin.

(commissioning editor Xu Caihong and Yang Xiaona)

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